ECULTURE in simple terms, is a platform based community located in Nairobi, Kenya, that purely exists to archive, market and promote local music, merchandise, products & content in a well curated, organic, organised, more convenient and efficient way to the wider audiences. But that definition, would only be putting it into a box. Anything that can be put into words will be put in a box, but the thing about ECULTURE is, it's more of an expression rather than an explanation. It stems from the perspective of us as viewers/listeners who would like to support local creativity but were puzzled by the thought, "Is anyone going to address the main problem behind being able to do that?" In other words, how can we as viewers & listeners truly support local music or brands, if we can't even keep up with or easily purchase from them? If we aren't even made well aware or efficiently updated whenever something new pops up? Because up until now, it's just been one hectic frenzy of "link in bios", jumping from profile to profile, trying to keep up in a what feels like an impossible task. So, why not just put it all through one main hub, one place, one community... this was our very own solution. In here it doesn't matter if you've got 50 followers or 50,000, if you've just started out or been at it for a minute, this is a neutral zone where everyone will be heard and their work seen. The vision behind this, is that ECULTURE may grow into an entity that not only plays a leading role in music & brand discovery but is also thoroughly woven in the promotion, retail and content curation for Nairobi's growing artists & entrepreneurs. Our hope is that it ends up being depended upon & fully supported by the people and become a paramount infrastructure for empowering emerging artists, creatives & entrepreneurs within Nairobi in the future. It's both a constant work in progress and a necessary disruption of the system because we believe, with how things are progressing, it's time to change the rules of the game & how things work in this town for the better.



It’s an image familiar to everyone: the creative genius sketching or typing in their studio, creating works of staggering beauty in perfect solitude. It’s too bad it’s so inaccurate. Anyone working in the industry can tell you that not only is collaboration essential, it’s usually the source of the best ideas. The way today’s creatives work is less about perfecting one skill than it is about sharing expertise, working with different media and seeing how far collaborations and teamwork can push them. Creativity is a collective act but it's delivery of the finished product to the audience is crucially just as important and this is where building ECULTURE's community comes in. We are constructing an entire universe that people are invited into and encouraged to depend on, explore & utilise to it's fullest extent. The wider implications of it can also make it extremely fundamental, as the result is, there now exists a ever present sound board that constantly keeps you in a state of creative stimulation & immersion as you watch other artists, brands, peers make or release new songs, new projects, new collections e.t.c. Be it for inspiration, support or simply as a benchmark, you can see that others are pushing hard and be encouraged not just creatively but emotionally & mentally as well, because let's face it, being a creative or entrepreneur can often come with extreme bouts of fluctuation and this community is the adrenaline shot that stands as a constant source of care and encouragement. We feel that this is the beauty of having & being a multifaceted platform... because the final outcome is such a unique and special blend of different forms of creativity. The more people involved, the more variations of creativity will be introduced on ECULTURE beyond just music or brands, so stay ready to flip through even more pages.



We read somewhere that the real definition of culture is all the things we absolutely don’t need to do as human beings. We don’t need to be into fashion, to make music, listen to it or preserve it, we don’t need to look at art or make art. We need water, food, air. We need a house, but it doesn’t need to be beautiful, it just needs to function. But when you take the time to reverse that, we came to this realization: Culture is really just caring. That’s the whole point of it. From spending all your money on art supplies or music equipment and creating art or making a beat from scratch and turning it into a hit or even weaving fabric into a fashion statement… all of that, shows care. If you really care about something and you take the time to do it, it stands out & that’s what becomes culture. When you care about those things that make existence interesting or wonderful, that’s when it becomes culture. That's what ECULTURE seeks to curate & share, that care. Most of the time, it tends to feel like things move pretty quickly on social media, as though you're on an express highway doing 120km/h and because of that, sometimes not everything is seen, poured through or consumed well enough... but through this, we can slow everything down & place all of your work into a context that can be easily shared with people, so that everyone can make what they want out of it. Through ECULTURE we can create somewhere where artists & brands can co-exist together, grow together and work together in paving a path for themselves not just as individuals but as a community of creatives who share one simple commonality between them, something that goes beyond just nationality, something that is as vital to living as breathing... "Self Expression", which is the very core & foundation of creative exploration & discovery and the path to turning ideas into reality. We aim to set the tone within the community by creating compelling storytelling through something that could be of service to everyone, that people could respond to, something that could push the boundaries, alter the blueprint & ultimately help further/push forward the vision of each & every single person in the community. This is a more creative freely flowing environment—an environment in which one is free to experiment & is not judged for expressing oneself and the way one feels at any given moment and is praised & fully supported for it because ECULTURE is not here to just cheer you at the finish line, we're here to run the laps with you from the start all the way to the checkered flag.


To all artists, we try featuring everyone and all new music we come across however if you haven't had your music featured on here and would like to, please do not hesitate to let us know or to send us your music, we try our best not to miss anything but we aren't perfect and always tag us in or dm us your new music posts as well, very important. 


We want everyone to be a part of this and to leave no one behind. Together let's build this to its fullest potential, so please do reach out to us, or if you have ideas you want to share or just to give some feedback, it's all welcome. Always keep on coming back & watching this space, because it's ever evolving, ever growing, ever updated & ever active. This is only the beginning, it's only going to get bigger from here. So, bookmark it, browse it, share it, but above all else take advantage of it's convenience, because we made it for you. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter (do it!) because who knows what more projects we've got coming next and you'll definitely want to be the first to hear about it, trust.

P.S: Remember, in whatever you do or make, don't be shy, don't be coy, don't be drowned out by others, just make sure your voice is heard & your ideas are seen among the crowd, because self expression is everything... and the only thing.




"You must always be willing to work without applause."


Ernest Hemingway


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