The type of music that influences your thoughts, feeling and emotions is the type of music that I love diving into and if you try introducing a friend to M A N U, it’s better to simply let his work do the talking. 🦋 While it’s usually so easy to try and figure out whether an artist sounds like an original or if they’re similar to another, in this case, M A N U is completely his own. 🌟 His sound fascinatingly varies from dark to mellow, highly capable of interchanging between lyrical hip-hop and pure experimentation. 🎧 Just under 3 minutes in length, “Starlight” employs optimistic lyrics against a grainy, colorful instrumental best described by the aesthetic of the cover art. 🤩 In a great display of versatility, on “Starlight” his sound is beautifully chaotic, groove-inducing, and overwhelmingly gripping as he delivers two impressive rap verses along with responsibility of a brightening chorus. 🗣✨ But what’s clear is that he’s having fun with it as the song keeps getting better as it progresses from start to finish with the quality, groove and vibe climbing at a consistent upward trajectory. 📈 In short, “Starlight” is a beautiful piece that breathes so much life into the delicate thoughts and feelings from his mind and i’ve been playing this one non-stop and I believe that you all will be in the same boat. 🔂🔥