Prior to just recently, I was somehow not too familiar or made aware of Trabolee and now that I’ve been formally introduced, I’m left with no choice but to definitely tune into his new releases moving forward. 💯 In his recently new single ”O P N D R S”, he offers a bouncy yet gritty track that provides nothing but bars for its four and a half minute duration. 🗣🔥 With an instrumental that comes loaded with jazz and classic hiphop elements, he creates a rather old-school, calm, laid back vibe, all while also remaining energetic and soulful as he takes the opportunity to step back and truly show off his underrated but clearly intricate cadences that never seem forced or broken up by any means. 🎙 As he makes his way throughout this track, he talks a little more frankly and even provides some melodiousness within his delivery and while this instrumental is also fairly minimal, there is haste behind it that turns the tempo up a notch and allows him to become a bit more assertive with his words. ✍🏾 Moreover, as an artist he seems to have mastered the art of weaving indisputably intense lyrics that express a keen awareness of political and social phenomena and managing to put it all into a track with some witty bars that might go right over your head the first time around. 💭 As each verse comes packed with above-average wordplay, he is able to make listeners think about what he’s saying while nodding your head, making it a quick and impactful listen. 🎧 It’s clear his most proficient skill is primarily song-writing but knowing how to deliver such intricate verses takes a special amount of flow and understanding of the production being handed to you, so make sure you give it a spin as soon as you find some time. 🍜